Saturday, 12 August 2017


We are having a nice summer holiday so far despite the (pouring) rain. It has been relaxed, without too much planned, a bit see how we feel. That has been nice. C did a drama summer workshop one week with friends, and was high on the excitement of packed lunches and new friends. We have done the odd day out, had friends over, been for a bike ride (when I discovered you can't 'just pop out' to do a bike ride, especially when the bikes don't actually fit in your car, and also that kids may not mention when their brakes have failed), and had a day out at the beach and in London. C has sometimes been bored, has built dens, conjured up picnics for her and T in the garden, tried to force him to play boarding schools (unsuccessfully) and helped herself to craft stuff.

I found the last half term of the year really busy. I pretty much lost the plot, organisation-wise. It was full-on, with C leaving her infant school, and a bit emotional at times. I did feel quite tearful at her leaver's assembly (did we ever have such things?) and so proud of her, beaming over at me, at how confident she is, how happy she has been at her school, how it was absolutely the right choice for her, and how lucky she was with her lovely, amazing teachers.

Mostly though, it felt busy. The height of the busyness was turning up at an ill-planned cinema trip straight from C's soft play leaver's party, via an impromptu Happymeal stop, with a toothbrush and toothpaste shoved in my handbag, and having posh crisps and a prosecco for tea.

So it has been nice to have some time to ourselves, to chill out. I have even (just about) caught up on my washing. It has reminded me of the long lazy days before school began. We have another trip West next week followed by a week in Wales. I am sure the sun will have come out by then.

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